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A Real Return on Sustainability Webinar

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Click to view the webinar: A Real Return on Sustainability

Is your company missing a Billion dollar opportunity or ignoring a Billion dollar risk? CharterMast, Ativo Research, one of the nation’s top ranked equity research firms, report on an innovative study that shows how sustainability performance has Billion dollar impacts on shareholder value.

Are you looking to:

  • Craft and integrate comprehensive sustainability strategies?
  • Understand investment and market implications of sustainability?
  • De-risk your business from regulation and market shifts?
  • Make the business case and sell sustainability initiatives?


Numerous companies have realized that sustainability strategies have financial implications far beyond short-term cost savings and ROI. Indeed, sustainability is quickly becoming an important value creator that impacts longer-term revenues, valuations and reputations.

West Monroe Partners, in concert with CharterMast Partners, invites you to review this one-hour webinar on the enormous financial opportunity of sustainability and the significant risks associated with inaction. This Webinar examines the relationship between sustainability and financial value creation, plus provide insights into the driving forces behind sustainability and necessary actions to ensure success.