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Ativo Highlights Diversity Support and ESG at Industry Conferences

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Senior Portfolio Manager and Head Trader Adan Galvan is back in the office after his presentation at NASP’s Annual Pension and Financial Services Conference.  Speaking on the topic of “Trends and Hard Truths about MWBE Brokerage,” Adan shared Ativo’s track record in using minority brokers, described the importance of rigorous due diligence and best execution, and stressed Ativo’s commitment to supporting minority brokers, which reflects our own diversity in ownership and staffing.   Ativo, an equity sponsor of this year conference, was well-represented with Mike Brooks and new Relationship Manager Kelly O’Malley also attending.

Ativo has been particularly active at industry events over the past few weeks.  On June 3, Ricardo Bekin and Dennis Aust were featured at the Chicago Trading show on Navy Pier, where they co-chaired a roundtable discussion on incorporating ESG factors into the investment process.  A diverse and highly engaged audience shared multiple examples from their own experience, as well as significant insights and lessons learned.  ESG is getting a lot of interest right now, and there’s no question that industry attitudes and best practices will continue to evolve.