What Sets Us Apart


Our resilient leadership, solid ownership structure, and unified culture have led to remarkably low turnover rates. In an industry marked by significant upheaval in recent years, our investment team's stability shines brightly.


Our investment philosophy is rooted in market rationality, behavioral awareness, and active management. We prioritize real shareholder value, utilize a broad opportunity set, and rigorously control risk through systematic processes.


Our investment process is anchored in our multi-factor model, which has a long, successful history of identifying stocks poised to outperform and those that will lag. We (and our predecessor firm) have been refining and improving the model throughout the last 40 years.


Compared to other systematic managers, our portfolios are relatively concentrated. Our bottom-up process and high “active share” further distinguish us from our competitors.

Our experts

The financial and research professionals at Ativo all share an unwavering commitment to serving every client with a high degree of integrity and a single-minded dedication to excellence. Our professionals are highly educated, have deep industry experience and many are leaders in their respective fields.

Our professionals at Ativo embody an unwavering commitment to serving each client with the utmost integrity and an unyielding dedication to excellence. Renowned for their extensive education and deep industry experience, many of our team members are recognized leaders in their respective fields. This collective expertise empowers us to deliver unparalleled insights and strategic guidance, ensuring that our clients receive the highest standard of service and support in navigating the complexities of the financial landscape.

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News & Insights

Our aim is to empower investors with indispensable knowledge for achieving success by imparting our distinct viewpoints, conducting comprehensive analyses, and presenting pioneering ideas. Through the sharing of our insights, we aspire to provide investors with the tools necessary to thrive in their endeavors.


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