What Sets Us Apart

Ativo capitalizes on a number of strengths and attributes as we work toward our goal of producing top quartile investment performance. These characteristics define who we are and distinguish us from other managers.

  • Focus on Real Economic Performance

    We adjust companies’ financial statements to correct the cash flow measurement problems that result from adherence to accounting regulations. These adjustments give us visibility into the underlying economics of the companies in our research universe.

  • Proven, Proprietary Model

    Our investment process is anchored in our multi-factor model, which has a long, successful history of identifying stocks poised to outperform and those that will lag. We (and our predecessor firm) have been refining and improving the model throughout the last 40 years.

  • Non-traditional Approach to Systematic Investing

    Compared to other systematic managers, our portfolios are relatively concentrated. Our bottom-up process and high “active share” further distinguish us from our competitors.

  • “Right-sized” Organization

    Ativo is large enough to bring considerable human and technological resources to bear on each client relationship. At the same time, we are small enough to respond quickly to new information and to be nimble when implementing our strategies.

  • Stability

    Our strong leadership, ownership structure, and cohesive culture have resulted in minimal professional turnover of the Ativo investment team. The stability of our team stands out in an industry that has experienced extraordinary change during the past several years.